Digital Workers: Talent from Spain

We have a Tech Team ready for work in our offices, on the other hand, we are able to hire any kind of profiles you need from Spain.  

We are a family of professionals who see code as a game but take things very seriously. We are the kind of people who get competitive when you put a project on the table and our heads start spinning with ideas of how to surprise you. The last time we got together for a meal, thanks to remote work, there were more than 25 professionals dedicated exclusively to programming.

We love code, writing it , testing it, turning it around, studying it, sharing it… It’s what we do best, and it’s why our clients stay with us. We are programmers, we think in code and we project in code for agencies, individuals, companies, entrepreneurs… for anyone who wants us.

What we do?

Talento remoto
  • Websites

  • Apps

  • Specialzed in Prestashop, .Net, PhP, Angular, Drupal, Laravel

  • Specialzed in WordPress, Salesforce, React Native...

Talento en Remoto

Just an overview about the profiles we have in our offices

  • Laravel
    5 perfiles senior
    3 perfiles junior
  • PHP
    7 perfiles senior
    5 perfiles junior
  • Angular
    1 perfil senior
    3 perfiles junior  (seniors en otras tecnologías)
  • Drupal
    1 perfil senior
    2 perfiles junior (seniors en otras tecnologías)
  • WordPress
    3 perfiles senior
    3 perfiles junior
  • Maquetación
    4 perfiles senior
    3 perfiles junior
  • PrestaShop
    5 perfiles senior certificados PrestaShop
  • .NET
    2 perfiles senior
  • React Native / Flutter
    1 perfil senior
    1 perfil junior
    1 perfil en formación
  • Salesforce
    1 perfil senior
    3 perfiles senior de desarrollo se están formando para certificarse

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