3 Ways to Pay Remote Talent

Depending on the needs of each talent, we can pay in 3 different ways.

bank transfer

It is the traditional payment method of making a payment. The money goes from the company's account to the talent's account.

Electronic payment system

This payment method offers flexibility and additional options compared to traditional bank transfers.

Digital Wallet

Digital wallets can be a convenient and versatile option for a wide variety of transactions.

Bank transfer

A remote talent may prefer a bank transfer in the following circumstances: We analyze the traditional payment method

  • International payment: If the talent is in another country and the paying company is also in another country, an international wire transfer may be the most efficient and secure option for receiving funds in foreign currency.

  • Large transactions: For large payments, such as fees for large projects, a wire transfer may be preferable because of the security and traceability it offers.

  • Local efficiency: In some regions or countries, bank transfers may be the most common and widely accepted form of payment, making them more convenient for local talent.
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  • Avoid platform fees: Some payment processing platforms or services may charge fees for receiving payments, especially on international transactions. In these cases, talent may prefer to avoid these fees by opting for a bank transfer.

  • Personal preference: Some people may feel more comfortable and secure receiving payments directly into their bank account and may have a personal preference for this method.

Electronic payment system

A remote talent may prefer to receive payment through an electronic system such as Payoneer, Wise or Paypal in the following circumstances

  • Frequent international transfers: If the talent works with clients or companies in different countries and makes international transfers regularly, Payoneer or Wise may be convenient options due to their favorable exchange rates and lower fees compared to traditional banks.

  • Speed of payment: These services generally process payments faster than international wire transfers, allowing the talent to receive funds in a more timely manner.

  • Ease of use: Platforms such as Payoneer and Wise are easy to use and offer an intuitive interface, making it easy for talents to manage their finances and receive payments.

  • Prepaid debit cards: Some of these services offer prepaid debit cards, which allow talents to conveniently access their funds and make purchases or withdrawals.

  • Online payment integration: If the talent works in fields such as freelancing, e-commerce or online services, platforms such as Payoneer and Wise often integrate seamlessly with various online payment systems, making it easy to receive payments from clients and customers.
Electronic payment system remote working
  • Currency Conversion: These services often offer competitive currency conversion rates, which can be beneficial to talent receiving payments in different currencies.

  • Reduced banking hassles: The use of these electronic platforms can simplify the process of receiving payments, reducing the administrative hassles associated with traditional banking.

Digital wallets

It is important to be aware of the policies and fees associated with the specific digital wallet you use, as they may vary. In general, digital wallets can be a convenient and versatile payment method for a wide variety of transactions, but it is essential to evaluate when and how to use them based on your specific needs and circumstances.

Online transactions: When making online transactions, especially on websites or mobile applications that accept payments through digital wallets such as PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay. These services can offer convenience and security.

2.Private-to-private payments: To send money quickly and easily to friends or family. Digital wallets often allow free or low-cost person-to-person transfers.

In-store purchases: Some physical stores accept payments through digital wallets. You can use your phone or mobile device to make payments without physical cash or cards.

Digital Wallet Remote Talent payment
  • Security:Digital wallets often offer additional levels of security, such as biometric authentication or two-factor verification, which can make transactions more secure than using cash or physical cards.
  • Fast transactions:Digital wallets often allow instant transactions, which can be useful in situations requiring quick payment.
  • International transactions:When you need to make international transactions, some digital wallets offer advantages in terms of favorable exchange rates and lower fees compared to banks.


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